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Incident Report LIVE with physician host Dr. Zubin Damania is the top Facebook Live daily health care and medical show in the nation. Funny, irreverent, and authentic, each live Incident Report episode empowers health care professionals and patients with a real voice, delivering unvarnished and hilarious perspectives on medicine and the breaking news of the day.

Incident Report serves up raw, uncensored live interviews with doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals that expose deeper stories the mainstream press won't touch. Host Dr. Damania is a Stanford-trained hospital doctor and founder of Turntable Health, a revolutionary team-based primary care clinic that served as a model of Health 3.0. He is also internationally known as ZDoggMD, a social media phenomenon dedicated to entertaining while educating patients and caregivers alike.

Join ZDogg and the rest of the Z-Pac daily at 4pm Pacific on Facebook, or watch previous episodes in 4K high def on YouTube and Incident Report LIVE is also a top-rated podcast on iTunes, so come join the Tribe that's working to transform healthcare!

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